LATEST Kalundu Study Centre welcomes new students for Leadership and Formation Course - Class of 2024 ...... ZAS Orients Sisters trained in Social Work with Support from GHR Foundation to help in the implementation of Counselling activities under the Catholic Care for Children in Zambia (CCCZ) Project

Mentors and Facilitators

The Mentors and Facilitators are an Inter-Congregational Religious Women Committee under the auspices of ZAS, whose aim is to empower Religious Sisters in Zambia with skills in facilitation and mentoring so that they will be able to strengthen leadership and community life among the Religious and lay, people, with whom they work with. The Mentors and Facilitators Groups conduct workshops in various thematic areas aiming at building the capacity of sisters to develop facilitation and mentoring skills.   So far this group has trained over 65 sisters between 2016 and 2017 in Servant Leadership and advanced facilitation and mentoring skills. ZAS now through this group has a pool of sisters who are available resource persons to facilitate chapters, conferences, and workshops of high profile. Previously Zambia used to import such resource persons but now they are readily available. This group is very helpful within the association because of their focus on developing the skills and knowledge of sisters in mentoring and facilitation.

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