LATEST Kalundu Study Centre welcomes new students for Leadership and Formation Course - Class of 2024 ...... ZAS Orients Sisters trained in Social Work with Support from GHR Foundation to help in the implementation of Counselling activities under the Catholic Care for Children in Zambia (CCCZ) Project


Educated and empowered sisters are key players in overcoming many of Africa’s biggest development challenges. Sisters gain knowledge, practical skills, and a sense of empowerment through our programs. Their personal transformations translate into transformed communities, transformed nations, and a newly emerging face of African leadership.

ASEC has four flagship programs

1. Sisters Leadership Development Initiative (SLDI)

SLDI provides technological, administrative, and financial training to African sisters. Through SLDI, sisters gain the practical skills and confidence to build strong networks and take up leadership roles in their congregations and communities

2. Higher Education for Sisters in Africa (HESA)

HESA provides opportunities for Catholic women religious in African countries to access undergraduate and master’s level education.

HESA is delivered through partnerships with higher education institutions in Africa and online in the USA.

3. The Scholarship Program

Provides two-year scholarships for women religious to complete high school or a college diploma.

4. Service Learning

Provides U.S. college students with two-week service-learning opportunities in Africa. Students can tutor ESL and volunteer at an orphanage. Our service-learning program promotes global leadership, a key attribute in building the next generation of leaders.

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