LATEST Kalundu Study Centre welcomes new students for Leadership and Formation Course - Class of 2024 ...... ZAS Orients Sisters trained in Social Work with Support from GHR Foundation to help in the implementation of Counselling activities under the Catholic Care for Children in Zambia (CCCZ) Project

Catholic Care for Children in Zambia

Catholic Care for Children in Zambia (CCCZ) project is implemented in Zambia by the Zambia Association of Sisterhoods with support from GHR Foundation to promote family and Community based care for children. The project is in its third phase with a focus on Expanding Catholic Facilities Shift to Family and Community Based Care and Providing Greater Community Support to Care for the Vulnerable Children. The project is part of the larger family of Catholic Care for Children International head-quartered in Rome under the leadership of the Union for International Superiors Generals (UISG) as such it is also implemented in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Sri-Lanka. The goal of the project is to improve the wellbeing of children in Zambia by providing and promoting long term and positive family or family like care and protection. Catholic Care for Children project is two-fold. It has the Children in Families (CIF Ongoing) in the 33 Catholic Affiliated Residential Child-Care Facilities and the Children in Families Plus (CIF+) which is implemented in Lusaka District where ZAS works with other partners to give a holistic service for the child who is being reintegrated with family.   The CCCZ project in the current phase is being implemented directly in five Child-Care Facilities focusing on reintegrating children with their families after separation.  The facilities involved are St Martin Children's Home in Lufwanyama, Cicetekelo in Ndola, Kacema Musuma in Kawambwa, Lubasi Home in Livingstone and Mthunzi in Chilanga District. However, the project continues to support indirectly the other 28 Child-Care facilities in capacity building and advocacy activities centered around promoting family-based care.  ZAS through the facilities collaborates with the District Social Welfare Offices in the Districts to implement activities that help in the placement of children.   Due to the growing global concerns over the number of children who live outside of parental care and are in danger of being separated from their families. Evidence indicates that children who are separated from their family have a much greater risk of suffering exploitation and harm by living on the street or within institutionalized care, Hence, the shift has been to work towards taking back the children to their families, biological or Kinship, all this being done in the best interest of the child. Where reintegration seems NOT to be in the best interest of the child, the child can be placed in other forms of Alternative Care including Foster Care, Adoption, Independent Living or remaining in the Childcare facility.   ZAS through the CCCZ project is part of the locally led approach to support the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services to strengthen the national alternative care system backed by US based GHR Foundation’s Children in Families. This locally led approach is called the Children in Families Plus (CIF+). On the CIF+ each member of the Consortium takes a particular service from the menu of services that are designed to help the child that is being reintegrated. ZAS focuses on Individual Counselling and Community Sensitization. In offering the Counselling ZAS works with SHARPz to ensure the child is counselled and ready for reintegration. The members or partners that ZAS works with on the CIF+ include;  
  • Alliance for Children Everywhere Zambia (ACEZ) (formerly Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ))
  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
  • Access to Health Zambia formerly Catholic Medical Missions Board (CMMB)
  • Save the Children
  • Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS)

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