LATEST Kalundu Study Centre welcomes new students for Leadership and Formation Course - Class of 2024 ...... ZAS Orients Sisters trained in Social Work with Support from GHR Foundation to help in the implementation of Counselling activities under the Catholic Care for Children in Zambia (CCCZ) Project

With support from GHR Foundation, the Zambia Association of Sisterhoods facilitated a program with DMI St Eugene University that culminated in 38 sisters from various congregations graduating with bachelor’s Degrees in Social Work and Counselling.

The sisters pledged availability to the association to serve as part of the human resources developed by the Association with support from GHR. The Association has employed 3 out of the 38 sisters. These are serving in different positions under the African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC), Bhakita Partnership for Education Project and the Catholic Care for Children in Zambia Project.


ZAS Sisters during the Graduation Ceremony. 38 Sisters graduated with Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Social Work and Counselling in 2022 at a colourful ceremony

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